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Professors speak to entrepreneurs on matters from new media to Russian-Ukraine conflict

Updated: July 8, 2022

At the invitation of Xiamen Torch Academy, two academicians Lin Hongyu, vice-president of Huaqiao University; and Dong Guanpeng, dean of the National Academy of Public Relations and Strategic Communication at the Communication University of China (CUC), gave lectures to participants in a leadership training program for outstanding entrepreneurs on May 27, 2022.

Fu Jing, executive vice-president of Xiamen Torch Academy, presided over the lecture during its open day.

The lecture was attended by alumni and representatives of business partners, Taiwanese investors and business associations.

In his lecture, entitled "Russia-Ukraine Conflict and Its Influences upon International Politics and Economy," Lin gave analytical interpretations on a wide range of topics, which included globalization and global governance, the redistribution and restructuring of global power, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflicts, and specific challenges facing China.

Lin stressed that China should maintain its high-quality development, study and respond to the negative impacts on international trade and financial sectors brought on by the US and EU-led sanctions on Russia. The country should also play a constructive role in resolving the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, demonstrate its international image of a responsible major country, and positively handle its strategic relations with all concerned sides.

For his part, Dong talked about the characteristics of new media in the midst of 5G omni-media era, and spoke about the importance and approaches to enhance new media literacy in a lecture, entitled "Responding to Emergencies and Guiding the Positive Development of Public Opinions."

Dong called on trainees to take a positive attitude toward media reports, shore up their weak links in media communication, and adopt comprehensive measures to guide public opinions in response to public crises.

Speaking in an interview, Lin Guilian, director of the Department for Public Affairs in the Shanghai-based energy vehicle maker Nio, said that the lecture events provided trainees with valuable opportunities to debate hot issues and better grasp the weak links and difficulties of enterprises in their business operations.


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