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  • Strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs

    The strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs is Xiamen Torch Academy's flagship program for senior executives at and above the deputy general manager level in the high-tech zone.

  • Cultivation program for technologically advanced enterprises

    The program has six parts and lasts half a year covering in-depth studies and action learning. It provides a platform for students and lecturers to conduct discussions on technologically advanced enterprises that focus on the main businesses and have strong innovation abilities, promoting the enterprises to maintain their competitive advantages like grasping core technologies or being pros and develop to bigger and stronger ones in a global competition that full of uncertainty. By September 2022, the program has 32 professors and set up two sessions, covering 104 senior executives from 94 enterprises.

  • Inter-disciplinary manager cultivation program

    In the new industrial revolution era, technological progress is the main theme. How to cultivate "technique + management" managers and accelerate their growth are the most urgent problems to be solved by enterprises.

  • Professional competency program for young talents

    The program is open for fresh graduates and reserve management staff with three to five years of work experience. By September 2022, the program has invited 21 professors and set up three sessions for fresh graduates and two sessions for the reserve management staff, covering 302 people from 123 enterprises.

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