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Xiamen Torch Academy launches business management programs in H1

Updated: February 21, 2023

Focusing on the needs of enterprises and students in the Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries, the Xiamen Torch Academy will continue to work with first-class business schools and training institutions in China and abroad to introduce high-quality teachers and innovative programs. Through upgrading its learning modes and serving managers at all levels, the academy looks to empower enterprises and talents and promote industrial advancement in 2023.

Business management programs of the Xiamen Torch Academy in the first half of 2023

Mar 10Management ability improvement program for interdisciplinary talents (1st session)
Mar 23Outstanding financial manager cultivation program
Apr 22Strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs (3rd session)
May 11Class for talents with high potential of the professional competency program for        young talents (4th session)
Jun 9Management ability improvement program for interdisciplinary talents (2nd session)
Jun 15Excellent HR manager program

For more information, please scan the QR code below or dial +86-0592-5382023/5382008 to contact Teacher Luo.


Trainees’ reflections

 “My biggest reward is the friendships formed with entrepreneurs from different industries. Projects such as the professional competency program for young talents opened by the academy helped companies cultivate talents at all levels and improved the overall quality of the management teams,” said Jiang Linyu, chairman of Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co Ltd and a learner at the strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs.

Feng Dengke, research and development director of Xiamen Hithium New Material Technology Co Ltd, attended the same program with more than 10 colleagues. Visiting benchmark enterprises and other trainee companies deepened integration and improved the horizons and capabilities of program learners, Feng said.

The academy attached great importance to the cultivation of entrepreneurship and the courses provided by first-class teachers were inspiring, said Lu Yang, general manager of Xiamen Unisound Intelligence Technology Co Ltd. The platform offered by the strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs made cross-industry exchanges and cooperation available, which were also cost-efficient and effective, Lu added.

“The three-day professional competency program for young talents was rewarding, the courses were down-to-earth, the teaching was interactive and the cases were practical,” said Fan Zuhua, HR manager of Ropeok Technology Group Co Ltd. The discussions with outstanding entrepreneurs, executives and investors in the Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries and thematic teaching are conducive for mindset expansion and thinking and management competence improvement, Fan said.

Huang Yahan, an HR staffer of Kehua Data Co Ltd and a student of the program, said she learned to be goal-oriented, vigilant and humble through taking the courses. She also understood the importance to paying attention to personal influence, thinking in big-picture terms and breaking fixed mindsets.

Wang Dong, technical director of Xiamen Tianxiang Park Software Technology Co Ltd, said project management is a systematic and highly professional course. “Xiamen Torch Academy adopted a point-based reward system in its interdisciplinary manager cultivation program, which stimulated trainees’ enthusiasm for learning,” Wang said.

The academy organized group drills and discussions, created an interactive and immersive instructional situation and encouraged its learners to think based on the actual situation of their own enterprises, Wang said.

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