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Cultivation program for technologically advanced enterprises

Accelerate breakthroughs · Accompany growth


The Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries has presented the cultivation program for technologically advanced enterprises. The program has six parts and lasts half a year covering in-depth studies and action learning. It provides a platform for students and lecturers to conduct discussions on technologically advanced enterprises that focus on the main businesses and have strong innovation abilities, promoting the enterprises to maintain their competitive advantages like grasping core technologies or being pros and develop to bigger and stronger ones in a global competition that full of uncertainty. By September 2022, the program has 32 professors and set up two sessions, covering 104 senior executives from 94 enterprises.

· Senior executives at or above the deputy general manager level from national technologically advanced enterprises and backup enterprises

Strategy · Insight into cutting-edge trends

Management · Activate organizational capabilities

Capital · Accelerate service growth

Innovation · Break the bottleneck of development

Brand · Build market strength

Intelligent manufacturing · Advanced digital transformation

  • Dong Guanpeng

    Dong Guanpeng

    Founding dean of the School of Government and Public Affairs,
    Communication University of China

  • Li Yuhui

    Li Yuhui

    Professor of the School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China

  • Ma Jun

    Ma Jun

    Deputy secretary-general of the Academic Committee, Development Research Center of the State Council

  • Su Guangmin

    Su Guangmin

    Former vice-president of Huawei Terminal Supply
    President of Huawei Terminal Latin America Business Department

  • Zheng Peimin

    Zheng Peimin

    Well-known investment banker
    Chairman and chief partner of Rongzheng Investment Consulting

  • Zeng Yubo

    Zeng Yubo

    Intelligent manufacturing expert
    Former head of intelligent manufacturing of Haier Group

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