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Inter-disciplinary manager cultivation program

One core with multi-drivers, gorgeous transformation


In the new industrial revolution era, technological progress is the main theme. How to cultivate “technique + management” managers and accelerate their growth are the most urgent problems to be solved by enterprises. Xiamen Torch Academy’s inter-disciplinary manager cultivation program focuses on the practical needs of technical managers, aiming at cultivating managers good at management, project implementation and innovation. The program invites counselors, project management professionals and training experts who have rich experience at Huawei, Oracle, BYD and Fortune 500 Enterprises. By September 2022, the program has invited four professors and set up two sessions, covering 90 core members from 36 enterprises.

· Technical managers, R&D managers, product managers and project managers promoted within two years
· High-potential technical staff to be promoted to managerial positions

Management drive: From technique to management

Project drive: Practice project management

Innovation drive: Innovative thinking and problem solving

  • Li Jin

    Li Jin

    Project manager and senior consultant of Daming Consulting Co
    Former project manager at Huawei Technologies Company

  • Wang Lizhong

    Wang Lizhong

    Dean of Shenzhen Gewu Process Research Institute
    Process optimization manager, Huawei Technologies Co

  • Yang Fengdi

    Yang Fengdi

    Senior lecturer of

  • Zhao Yingzhu

    Zhao Yingzhu

    Distinguished lecturer of Zhejiang University

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