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Middle-level backbone ability-upgrading class of SOEs and institutions

Cultivate business leaders, team activators and self-drivers


In order to further enhance the comprehensive ability of middle-level cadres at state-owned enterprises and institutions in high-tech zones, Xiamen Torch Academy launched the ability-upgrading class. Through five modules of systematic teaching across four months, it aims to cultivate a dynamic and innovative talent team that can adapt to the market.

The program recruits the middle-level backbones of state-owned enterprises and institutions in the Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries as students, and invites 14 university professors and industry practical experts as tutors. It adopts the teaching methods of classroom training, learning at enterprises and kinaesthetic learning to reconstruct the knowledge framework, professional quality and management ability of middle-level backbones, and cultivate them into business leaders, team activators and self-drivers.

· Middle-level backbones of state-owned enterprises and institutions in the Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries

Role cognition and value shaping of middle-level managers

Managers' financial thinking and economic thinking

Attracting, stabilizing and strengthening investment, further development, and upgrading management for industrial parks


Innovative thinking and application of innovative tools

Cultivation of outstanding leadership

Visit enterprises

  • Li Fei

    Li Fei

    Director of the Center for Studies of the
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan,
    Xiamen University;
    Distinguished professor of the Minjiang Scholars Program

  • Liao Shanhai

    Liao Shanhai

    Deputy director of the Finance Committee of
    Fujian and Xiamen Lawyers Associations

  • Lin Chaonan

    Lin Chaonan

    Associate professor and master tutor
    in the Accounting Department of
    Xiamen University

  • Qiu Xiaowen

    Qiu Xiaowen

    Adjunct professor at Xiamen University School of Management;
    Special visiting professor at Xiamen City Party Building College;
    MBA tutor at Xiamen University

  • Sun Chuanwang

    Sun Chuanwang

    Professor and doctoral supervisor at
    the Center of China Energy Economics Research;
    Researcher at the Center for Macroeconomic
    Research, Xiamen University

  • Zhang Junxiang

    Zhang Junxiang

    Director of the enterprise development department of the Sinobioway Group;
    Deputy general manager of Sinobioway Medicine

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