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Strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs

Cultivate leaders of the technological revolution and industrial transformation


The strategic leadership program for outstanding entrepreneurs is Xiamen Torch Academy's flagship program for senior executives at and above the deputy general manager level in the high-tech zone. It aims to be a first-class one serving enterprises and leading entrepreneurs in China's high-tech zones. The program invites Nobel Prize laureates, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, senior policy makers, famous university professors, and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to teach courses in six systematic modules, as well as instruct innovation case writing and share their experience. To achieve the goal of industries in synergy with intelligence leading and innovative growth, it strives to shape the entrepreneurship, promote enterprises' growth and boost industrial development. By September 2022, the program has invited 35 professors and set up two sessions, covering 94 senior executives from 88 enterprises.

· High-tech companies' senior executives at and above the deputy general manager level concerned with innovation and transformation
· Traditional enterprises' senior executives at and above the deputy general manager level who explore transformation and upgrading
· Founders/partners of high-growth companies

Trend insight: Identify the risks and opportunities in a turbulent change period

The drive of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality: The trend to lead the green transformation and technological revolution

Innovation leads: Build core competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit


Energize with digital intelligence: Reconstruct intelligent integration and different ways to accelerate development

Integration of industry and finance: Expand the capital market and innovate growth potential

Organizational reform: Motivate employees' inner drive and team collaboration

  • Chi Fulin

    Chi Fulin

    President of China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute
    Director of Expert Committee of CATIS

  • Li Jizhen

    Li Jizhen

    Professor and associate dean of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

  • Mao Jiye

    Mao Jiye

    Former dean and doctoral supervisor of RMBS
    Distinguished Professor with the Changjiang Scholars Program

  • Qi Ye

    Qi Ye

    Dean of Division of Public Policy, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Song Zhiping

    Song Zhiping

    Chairman of China Association for Public Companies
    Chairman of China Enterprise Reform
    and Development

  • Zhou Yu

    Zhou Yu

    Director of MBA program of Renmin Business School

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